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2010-08-11 15:37:39 by SparkX120

Well I uploaded my latest DroneX. And so far it is not doing as well as I had hoped so... RATE IT BETTER. jk anyways I will have another new song soon hopefully enjoy.

I uploaded V2 and V3 of Beat Box One today and am done with Beat Box (Unless a lot of people beg me or something (unlikely)) anyways I am going to hopefully soon bring to you some more music and also I am going to look into the other parts of this site and see if I can contribute more.



I hope this works out better than the others I think it shall since it has to do with my creativity and not my life. LOL. Anyways I probably will not make it on too much especially after this summer but I am going to give this a shot. Also It took long enough for my first song to get approved (Weeks). Well Here Go's